If you are looking for a consultant gynaecologist West London, you might find that it is increasingly hard to find one. According to the Royal College of Gynaecologists, there is a looming lack of gynaecologists in British hospitals. But having the right doctor is essential. So here are a few things to think about as you hunt for your doctor.

Choosing A Gynaecologist

When selecting a gynaecologist, you need to make sure you find a doctor you feel comfortable with. Whatever the reason is that you need to see them, it is worth looking for someone who is able to carry out any surgery. The reason for this is because if you do need surgery, you won’t have to go looking for yet another doctor.

You want to make sure that your doctor takes time to stay up-to-date on the latest methods and treatments. The right doctor for you is one that you feel comfortable speaking to. You need to know that you can tell them what is going on and that they will listen. A great way to tell if a doctor has all these qualities is to look for recommendations from their patients.

A Fantastic Consultant Gynaecologist West London

Dr Philippe de Rosnay is a highly recommended consultant gynaecologist. He is also a fully trained laparoscopic surgeon and experienced obstetrician. Whatever you need in the area of female reproductive health care Dr Philippe De Rosnay will be able to help you.

He accepts both private and NHS patients. Dr Phillipe de Rosnay as approved as a provider by many insurance companies

You can get appointments at the BMI Syon clinic and the new Victoria hospital. Surgeries are carried out at the New Victoria Hospital and the BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital.

So, if you need a consultant gynaecologist West London, book an appointment with Dr Philippe de Rosnay today.