Are you looking for a consultant gynaecologist New Victoria Hospital Kingston-upon-Thames? It can be daunting to find a new gynaecologist. It needs to be the right doctor and the right location. For something that can feel so intimate, you want to know that you are in good hands, and dealing with someone you can talk to.

Why You Might Need to See a Consultant Gynaecologist

Women see consultants for all sorts of reasons. It might be as the result of a referral from a GP or driven by personal choice. Gynaecologists can help with a vast array of problems. It can be a good idea to make it part of your annual routine to see a gynaecologist. Which is why you should ‘hang on to’ a good one when you find them.

Finding a doctor that you are comfortable with can save your life. 99.8% of cervical cancer cases are preventable. Cervical screening rates are declining. So, the number of women diagnosed with cervical cancer is set to increase.  Regularly seeing a gynaecologist can allow the early signs of problems to be detected, and allow preventative action to be taken.

How To Find A Consultant Gynaecologist New Victoria Hospital Kingston-upon-Thames

If you have a referral from a GP, then you can choose your consultant. You can look to see which doctors work out of the hospital you wish to attend. Then you can make an appointment. Recommendations and reviews are a great way to narrow your choices.

Dr Philippe De Rosnay

Dr Philippe De Rosnay is a consultant gynaecologist New Victoria Hospital Kingston-upon-Thames. He is highly skilled and experienced. If you need to see a consultant gynaecologist, then he is a great option. He is not only an Ob/Gyn but also a laparoscopic surgeon. This means that he can deal with a wide range of conditions without the need for further referrals. Be assured that whatever your issue, he will help you through it. Book an appointment today and see if he is the right fit for you.