Scheduling various health screenings at regular intervals is a must for all women irrespective of age. A general well woman health check will help detect health risks earlier on, preventing complications at a later stage. Just like regular exercise, cultivating healthy eating habits and sleeping on-time, scheduling well women health screenings should become a part of your overall routine and not be missed if you want to enjoy a long healthy life.

What is a well woman health check?

The primary purpose of a well woman health check is to offer women easy access to preventive healthcare. Women undergo many health changes in their life, starting from period to pregnancy to menopause and a well woman clinic can help them deal with each change effectively. A well woman check up can start as early as 15 years of age and factors in a woman’s general health as well as reproductive health.

What does a well woman clinic do?

At a well woman clinic, regular well woman health checks are tailored depending on the woman’s age, medical history and sexual history. Many also offer a relaxing environment, wherein women can comfortably talk about period pains, birth control, STDs (sexually-transmitted diseases) or any other health changes.

So what are some of the well woman health checks that you should get done?

We believe in the adage, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ A standard health check will include:

  • Pelvic examination
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Body mass index assessment
  • Contraception and sexual health screening and review

You will also be provided with a full written report, so you have a full understanding. There are also additional services available which include tests such as cervical screening, full blood tests, swab tests for all sexually transmitted infections and ultrasound scanning where necessary or required.

Other gynaecology tests & well woman health screening

As a Consultant Gynaecologist in London, Mr Philippe de Rosnay offers a comprehensive range of gynaecological services apart from the well woman health screening tests and examinations mentioned above. No matter what your age, a complete health check and screening is important.

Mr Philippe de Rosnay is a consultant gynaecologist and experienced laparoscopic surgeon. He runs regular Well Woman Health Check clinics in West London. His consultations take place at the New Victoria Hospital in Kingston-upon-Thames and the BMI Syon Clinic in Brentford.

You can arrange an appointment today by contacting his medical secretary Stefanie Carter directly on 07421 704 064 or