Your menstrual cycle can be a reflection of your overall health. When your periods are regular, it is a sign of good health. When you have problems, it can suggest an underlying issue. This means that if you have menstrual problems treatment should be on your mind. Of course, your periods have always been the same; then you might assume that your experience is typical. This is why it’s a good idea to learn about the symptoms of menstrual issues.

Symptoms Of Menstrual Problems

Irregular, painful or heavy bleeding impacts the lives of around 14% of women. Keeping an eye out for the warning signs can help you identify a problem early. Here are some things to be alert for.

Pain – If period pain stops you going about your daily life, then this is a warning sign. Pain that is not decreased by over the counter medicines can be treated.

Irregular periods – If you are not a teenager or premenopausal, then your cycle should be quite regular. If your cycle varies by more than 20 days, you should get it checked out.

Heavy bleeding – Heavy bleeding can make it challenging to go about your normal activities. You should see a doctor if your bleeding lasts for more than eight days if you go through more than one pad or tampon in two hours or if you pass blood clots that are more than 2.5cm in size.

PMS – This is usually a bundle of symptoms. It includes the difficulty with controlling mood but also breast tenderness, headaches and migraines, and changes appetite and sex drive. If these symptoms are impacting your life, you can seek treatments for them.

Menstrual Problems Treatment

There are many treatments available for period problems. They all depend on precisely what is causing your symptoms. In some cases, all that might be needed are some lifestyle changes. Hormonal treatments can work in some cases. For some women, there might be a surgical option. The only way to find out is to speak to a specialist.

What You Can Do

If you have menstrual problems treatment is an option. Don’t let them impact on your life any longer. Make an appointment with a gynaecologist today.