Well Woman Health Checks are an essential tool for women to stay on top of their health and wellbeing. Dealing with issues related to reproductive and sexual health can be awkward. So, why not make a regular appointment to see a consultant gynaecologist London. That way, you know you are getting the best care.

What Is A Well Woman Health Check?

A Well Woman Health Check is a chance to check that your body is healthy. A basic check involves a pelvic exam, along with checks of your blood pressure and BMI. You will have a chance to discuss your contraception and general sexual health. Furthermore, you can tailor your check to suit you. For example, you can easily combine your PAP smear with a Well Woman check. Depending on your history, you might also want to get a blood test, STI tests, and an ultrasound.

You can get a Well Woman Health Check at whatever interval suits you, but once a year is a good schedule.

Why Should You Get A Well Woman Health Check

Getting a Well Woman Health Check is about being proactive. After all, a woman’s reproductive health can have a large impact on her daily life. The average age at which women begin to menstruate is 12.5 years old. From that point on, it is inescapable that the health and function of your reproductive organs will affect everything in your life.

By meeting with a specialist on a regular basis you can make sure that everything is as it should be. As a result, you can catch the signs of cancer early. You can deal with concerns you might have been ignoring, or just accepting as normal. Moreover, you can make sure that you are in control of your contraception and are informed about all of your options.

Which Consultant Gynaecologist London?

Dr Phillipe de Rosnay is an excellent consultant gynaecologist London. He runs clinics in several locations in West London. He is highly recommended and is a specialist in his field. So, why not book an appointment today, and stay in control of your health?