Women’s reproductive health is an important topic. Discomfort and awkwardness can lead women to neglect it. If you don’t yet have a regular well woman check every year, then it’s time for you to find a consultant gynaecologist in London to get one done. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is A Well Woman Health Check?

A Well Woman check is a health check with a gynaecologist. It is focussed on reproductive health. So it will include a pelvic exam. It can also include your PAP smear when you need it. The whole appointment is about making sure that you are in control of your sexual and reproductive health, contraception, and fertility.

Why Should You Get One?

Once you find a consultant gynaecologist in London who you feel comfortable with then you will be able to keep on top of your reproductive health. A lot of women don’t feel comfortable talking about their reproductive health with their GPs. But, it’s important that every woman speaks to a medical professional regularly. This is so that you stay on top of any warning signs for conditions like cervical cancer. In addition, it means you are taking care of your general health as well.

More women are taking their reproductive health into their own hands. A change in attitudes to contraception has seen a 29% drop in the used of emergency contraceptives over the last decade. Having a regular appointment dedicated to talking about how your contraception is working for you will help you to stay safe and in control.

Find A Consultant Gynaecologist in London

If you don’t already have a gynaecologist that you are happy with then, you should make an appointment to speak to Dr de Rosnay. He is a highly experienced and well-regarded doctor who runs clinics in several locations in West London. Stop putting it off, and book an appointment today.