When you need a gynaecologist finding the right one can be a challenge. You need to find a doctor you feel comfortable with.  One who works out of a hospital you can get to. Ideally, a hospital you trust and feel safe in. This is becoming increasingly difficult as fewer hospitals are able to offer full ob/gyn services. Fortunately, in West London, you have a few choices for a consultant gynaecologist BMI the Clementine Churchill Hospital Harrow.

What To Look For In A Consultant Gynaecologist

When choosing your doctor, you need someone that you feel safe with. You need to be able to talk to them about whatever problems or concerns you have. It shouldn’t matter how intimate or embarrassing the problem is. A great sign of a doctor that you can talk to this way is one who has lots of  good patient reviews

Not all consultants are also surgeons. If you already know you need surgery or think it might be an option, then you should think about choosing a doctor who also carries out surgery. This will save you from having to find yet another doctor.

If you have health insurance, then you need to choose a doctor that your insurance provider approves. There is nothing worse than being told that you can’t have the doctor you like.

A Great Consultant Gynaecologist BMI The Clementine Churchill Hospital Harrow

If you need surgery from a consultant gynaecologist BMI the Clementine Churchill Hospital Harrow, then please consider Dr Philippe de Rosnay. Doctor Philippe is a highly recommended and experienced laparoscopic surgeon. He regularly performs surgery at the Clementine Churchill Hospital. He can help you with a wide range of female health issues. His patients all highly recommended him. He is pre-approved by most leading insurance providers. So why not make an appointment for yourself today.