Do you need a consultant gynaecologist BMI Syon Clinic Brentford? If you have been told you need a referral, or you are just looking for an ob/gyn to monitor your reproductive health, then you have a lot of choices. Most doctors work in multiple locations so you can find a doctor at a location that suits you. It’s a big decision, so you want to make the right choice.

What do Consultant OB/Gyns do?

Consultant OB/Gyns are highly experienced doctors. They have chosen to specialise in the field of female reproductive health. This means they are involved in a wide range of treatments. More than 52,000 women undergo fertility treatments with consultants each year. They can also deal with STIs, wellness checks, menstrual pain, cervical cancer and cysts, among many other conditions.

Finding A Consultant Gynaecologist BMI Syon Clinic Brentford

Whether you have been referred to a consultant or not, you have a lot of choice. Not only do you need to find a doctor who works at the hospital you wish to attend but you also need to find one that you feel comfortable with. There is no point going to see a doctor if you can’t talk to them about your concerns. It can be hard when the topic is so intimate.

You can start your search by choosing a hospital and then seeing which doctors work there. You can then look for reviews and patient ratings to narrow down your choice. Don’t be afraid to make an appointment to chat about your needs. You are not committing to see that doctor, you can talk to a few and find one you like.

Dr Philippe De Rosnay

If you need a consultant gynaecologist BMI Syon Clinic Brentford, then Dr Philippe De Rosnay is your doctor. He is not only an Ob/Gyn but also a laparoscopic surgeon. This means that he can provide you with all-round care. There is no need for further referrals if you need surgery. He has an excellent reputation as he always puts his patient’s needs at the front of his care plan. Book an appointment today to discuss your requirements with him.