Choosing an obstetrician you feel comfortable with is an important but challenging decision. When you are pregnant, it is easy to worry over every little thing. So many things will be changing in your life and your body. An obstetrician West London can support you throughout the whole process as well as the early weeks of your child’s life.

What Is Obstetrics?

Obstetrics is the field of medicine that specialises in the safe delivery of babies. To be an obstetrician requires several extra years of training for a doctor. These doctors will work in conjunction with midwives to deliver the highest level of care and support for pregnant women.

What Do Obstetricians Do?

Obstetricians can lead your care during your pregnancy. This means that they will monitor both your health and that of your baby. They will support you through your pregnancy, answering any questions that you have and giving you an idea of what you can expect not only during your pregnancy but in labour and during your postnatal care. Your obstetrician will be there for the birth of your baby and will monitor you after delivery.

Who Should See An Obstetrician?

It might be advisable to have an obstetrician leading your care in a few circumstances. If you are aged over 35, have a high-risk pregnancy, or have complications that develop during your pregnancy. You may also want to speak to an obstetrician if you are feeling uncertain about your pregnancy. They can offer you support, guidance and reassurance if that’s what you need.

Finding An Obstetrician West London

If you are in West London and need the services of an obstetrician, then make an appointment with Dr Phillippe de Rosnay. He is a highly experienced obstetrician with several clinics in the West London area. He will be able to give you the support and peace of mind that you may need during your pregnancy.


Outpatient clinics are currently closed. During this time Mr de Rosnay will be offering pre-booked telephone or video consultations.   For further information, please contact his Medical PA.