Are you looking for a Gynaecologist in London?

Building a relationship with a private gynaecologist is important to many patients. The private nature of the treatment and examinations means many women spend time and energy finding the right gynaecologist for their personal circumstances and they simply have to “click” before they are happy with their chosen professional.  It’s not always as simple as “where can I find a private gynaecologist near me?” but this is a good place to start. Once you have a shortlist of options, what’s the next step?

Building your Clinical Relationship

Once you have chosen a private gynaecologist, you may have regular or semi-regular appointments. Annual health assessments or Well Woman Checks are very common now and allow women to take control of and have a better understanding of their sexual and reproductive health. You need a gynaecologist you can trust and are happy to return to year on year.

Treating your Specific Condition

If you have a diagnosed gynaecological condition, you may only want treatment from a specialist in this condition. All gynaecologists undergo the same standard training but they also have their own clinical specialisms and interests. If you’re looking or fertility support, you may want to find a fertility specialist. Whereas, if you’re having difficulties or concerns during the menopause you may want to find a different practitioner. Most specialists share their areas of clinical interest on their professional websites or hospital websites, so you can make an informed decision.

Private Gynaecological Care

Opting for private gynaecological care means no waiting lists or long delays. You can arrange an appointment which fits in with your schedule. You will have the time to fully discuss your concerns and problems, as well as undergo a medical examination. Where further tests are needed you can expect them to be carried out quickly and efficiently so treatment can begin.

Appointments with Mr de Rosnay

Working across London, Mr de Rosnay delivers person-centred care to women with a range of health conditions. You can contact his team directly to arrange a clinic appointment.