Many women do not pay enough attention to their personal health. It’s not a criticism, it’s a fact of modern living that our health often becomes an afterthought rather than a priority. The Well Woman Health Check is an annual appointment for women who want to keep their sexual and reproductive health in check. They are an affordable way of ensuring any potential health problems are caught early and they provide peace of mind and a better assurance that your health is in line with where it should be for your age and circumstances.

Well Woman Health Check appointments are available from Mr Philippe de Rosnay’s clinics. He can provide full and comprehensive health checks for women of all ages.

How often do you need a Well Woman Health Check?

Well Woman Health Check appointments are a good investment for all women of all ages. Any woman can opt for a Well Woman Health Check. While annual appointments are the most common, frequency is entirely up to the individual patient.

A standard health check will include:

  • A full consultation with your consultant gynaecologist which includes a pelvic examination
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Body mass index assessment
  • Contraception and sexual health screening and review

You will also be provided with a full written report, so you have a full understanding. There are also additional services available which include tests such as cervical screening, full blood tests, swab tests for all sexually transmitted infections and ultrasound scanning where necessary or required.

Peace of Mind with a Well Woman Health Check

All women should take a personal interest in maintaining their health in all areas, including gynaecology. Booking your regular Well Woman Health Check is one way of ensuring your reproductive health is properly looked after. Regular check ups make it easier to spot any changes early. This helps in ensuring you can act should you need treatment or any further tests.

Mr Philippe de Rosnay is a consultant gynaecologist and experienced laparoscopic surgeon. He runs regular Well Woman Health Check clinics in West London. His consultations take place at the New Victoria Hospital in Kingston-upon-Thames and the BMI Syon Clinic in Brentford. You can arrange an appointment today by contacting his medical secretary Stefanie Carter directly on 07421 704 064 or